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Seahawks' "Pier"

PostedJanuary 15, 2006

Randy Atkins:  The soil there is already damp, but Jon Magnusson, the stadium's lead structural engineer, says an earthquake could further liquefy the ground.

Jon Magnusson:  And so instead of having the support and the stability of soil, it's almost as if the stadium is sitting out in the water again.

Randy Atkins:  Basically a glorified pier.

Jon Magnusson:  We had to take the stadium and support it on steel piling that went from 60 to as deep as a hundred feet into the ground to get down to good supporting material.

Randy Atkins:  Magnusson says many computer simulated earthquakes—and one real one—show the stadium is on firm footing.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.