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If We Could Talk to the Computers

PostedJuly 31, 2004

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Ever try actually talking to an automated speech recognition system?  "What phone listing?  Ah, Smith.  Hmmm... I think the first name is George?"  That won't work, especially if your kid is crying in the background.  Fred Juang, a Georgia Tech engineer, helped create that technology.  But he says it simply converts talking to text.  The "um's", "ah's", and vague references like "it" don't compute.  Dr. Juang is now working to make the human-computer interaction more engaging.  He says all of a person's verbal cues might be analyzed by looking at chucks of speech bigger than words, and thinks the computing tools to do it are less than a decade away.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.