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Right Step

PostedAugust 29, 2010

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Randy Atkins: A treadmill reacts to your movements, using more or less electricity depending upon the way you step.

Daryl Cox: If there’s a difference between the load placed on it from your left foot versus your right foot or as your body changes from left to right, there will be changes in the loading on the treadmill.

Randy Atkins: Daryl Cox, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory engineer, says even the tiniest differences in current can be detected…and that can be especially useful for those recovering from injury.

Daryl Cox: You can put a monitor in front of a person and they can very quickly see the difference between left and right so now they can actively participate in retraining themselves to bring symmetry back in play.

Randy Atkins: Another use might be to help athletes perfect their motions.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.




  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory