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PostedJune 11, 2006

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Randy Atkins:  Dr. Calvin Andrus, of the CIA's Center for Mission Innovation, says the national security environment constantly changes in unpredictable ways, and web-based tools can help those responding adapt.

Calvin Andrus:  Wikis and blogs allow near real-time publication of ideas and thoughts, and if we can get our ideas and thoughts out quickly, that's how we can beat our enemies.

Randy Atkins:  Andrus says management will need to resist temptations to pre-edit postings to these classified sites.

Calvin Andrus:  Many of the ideas we have are sort of half-baked, and we don't want to put them out until they are fully baked.  But in that baking process it takes the brilliance off of it.

Randy Atkins:  Andrus believes workers given independence and the tools to share will facilitate better, faster decision-making.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.