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Quiet Planes

PostedNovember 26, 2004

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Paul Collins, a University of Cambridge engineer, says progress muffling jet engines has stalled.  He thinks dramatic noise relief will require a radical new aircraft design.  Collins' British colleagues, along with U.S. engineers at MIT, actually propose larger engines that are embedded within the plane's body to cage that deafening roar.  Other engineering tweaks include merging wings with the fuselage to reduce noisy air friction.  They believe it will take a while to work out kinks but, if all goes well, in a couple of decades you may not notice airplanes unless you look up.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.




  • The "silent aircraft" project and people
  • Engines for a "silent" aircraft
  • How the earlier turboject engine was developed