Engineering Innovation Podcast and Radio Series

Engineering a Caroling

PostedDecember 18, 2005

Randy Atkins:  If you want your Christmas caroling to impress (or at least not embarrass), you might want to turn to an engineer like Ingo Titze, director of the National Center for Voice and Speech, who reminds us that high notes can be a problem for amateurs.

Ingo Titze:  To sing high, it's not guaranteed that the same quality will come out.

Randy Atkins:  Titze studies singing biomechanics, like the vibration of tissues and how sound waves flow through our throats, radiate from our mouths, and sometimes skip a few octaves.

Ingo Titze:  We understand now why that shift takes place.  And we also understand how to avoid it.  What kind of exercises you do in order to not get that break.

Randy Atkins:  Or you could just stand closer to the other carolers, so no one can tell where those stray notes came from.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.