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Concussion Detector

PostedSeptember 17, 2006

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Randy Atkins:  Georgia Tech engineers are strapping headphones and eyewear on dizzy players, right on the sideline, immersing them in tests that measure things like reaction time and memory.

Michelle LaPlaca:  We’re targeting that grey area where the athletic trainer’s not sure whether someone is ready to go back into the game.

Randy Atkins:  Michelle LaPlaca, a biomedical engineer, says her prototype device reveals a concussion in minutes.  All players are tested pre-season. Then, if they get knocked silly later…

Michelle LaPlaca:  …scores from the test can directly be compared to the baseline scores of the athlete.

Randy Atkins:  Taking a coach’s wishful thinking out of the equation.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.

There are other potential uses too, from emergency rooms to battlefields.  To find out more about this story, and see the device, go to and click on “Innovative Engineering” under "Quick Links" at the very bottom of the page.