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An Engineer's Guide to Dating

PostedFebruary 12, 2006

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Randy Atkins:  Larry Kahn is the author of a paper applying his systems engineering expertise to choosing a lifelong Valentine.
Larry Kahn:  A lot of people do maybe 90% emotion and 10% rational, and maybe it should be more of a 50-50 balance.

Randy Atkins:  So Kahn says make a list of your ideal partner specs.  Hey, you do it to buy a car!

Larry Kahn:  But when you go out looking for a partner, if you do the same thing, people say "oh, you're really desperate"—and it really shouldn't be, because you're really looking for something that's important for you.

Randy Atkins:  So Kahn says carefully test and evaluate design alternatives.  That is, date.

Larry Kahn:  Do the work up front, and it saves you a lot of trouble later.

Randy Atkins:  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.