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Engineering a Response to Terrorism

PostedApril 11, 2010

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Randy Atkins:  Stanford University’s Lawrence Wein has been analyzing the handful of ways he says terrorists could kill on a massive scale…  

Lawrence Wein:  …to develop mathematical or engineering models of them to try to figure out how to mitigate or prevent such an attack.

Randy Atkins:  Wein says optimizing the many moving parts of disaster response needs to be done before a crisis.

Lawrence Wein:  I view these problems as operations problems.

Randy Atkins:  Like McDonald’s streamlines hamburger production, he says the models will help grease disaster response.

Lawrence Wein:  You have to be able to figure out how long it takes to do these things to see how effective they’ll be.

Randy Atkins:  Because while “time is money” in business, it costs lives in disasters.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, 103.5 F-M and WTOP-dot-com.