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Traffic Buster

PostedAugust 5, 2007

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Randy Atkins: Local officials are now testing a system that collects all regional traffic data, fuses it together, and instantly presents it in each jurisdiction’s own format.

Michael Pack:  Virginia is now able to see all the accidents that are occurring in Maryland.

Randy Atkins: Michael Pack, a University of Maryland engineer, says it can predict effects of multiple incidents and quicken emergency response.

Michael Pack: The quicker that you can get that accident cleaned up and moved off of the road the quicker that traffic can return to normal.

Randy Atkins: The system, which provides traffic speed and volume data along with accident info, may also be offered to the public.

Michael Pack: So WTOP would have access to it as well.

Randy Atkins: With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.