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Ballot Blues

PostedNovember 5, 2006

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Randy Atkins:  Potential troubles with electronic voting range from software bugs to malicious tampering.  But Avi Rubin, a Johns Hopkins computer scientist, says it doesn’t really matter if it’s intentional or not.

Avi Rubin:  The fact that neither one of them can necessarily be detected in a system is the real problem.

Randy Atkins:  Rubin says you don’t need to be technophobe to fear electronic voting.  He believes we should use computers, but only to count paper ballots that leave a hardcopy record.

Avi Rubin:  I don’t think that we should have a technology that can not be audited, and that’s the bottom line.

Randy Atkins:  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.