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Balls That Keep Their Bounce

PostedDecember 31, 2005

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Randy Atkins:  A start-up called Primo Innovations may be revolutionizing the basketball.  Don Sandusky and another former Dupont engineer are its founders.

Don Sandusky:  The biggest problem we had with sports balls wasn't that they didn't look good or didn't bounce right.  They just go flat.

Randy Atkins:  So these engineers are sealing off air escape routes in balls.  First, they put a removable plug in the valve hole, partly to prevent dirt from wedging in.

Don Sandusky:  A dirt particle will keep that guy pried open.

Randy Atkins:  Then the engineers created a much less porous material for the internal bladder, and even a special pore-clogging air to fill it.  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.