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Listening for Perfect Beer

PostedJuly 8, 2007

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Randy Atkins:  Brewers could monitor growth of the yeast fermenting beer by placing an ultrasound device outside its container, says Dick Pappas of Pacific Northwest National Lab.

Richard Pappas:  If someone can give us an example of what a perfect brew process would be, then we can recognize and identify it.

Randy Atkins:  Now samples must be removed for testing.

Richard Pappas:  You might get the information a little too late, whereas the ultrasound, which is measuring in real time and in a continuous fashion, can give you immediate results.

Randy Atkins:  Pappas says it could also supervise bacteria engineered to make drugs.

Richard Pappas:  It would be bad to lose a batch of beer.  It would be even worse, from a financial standpoint, to lose a batch of pharmaceuticals.

Randy Atkins:  With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP Radio.