Request for Quotation: Literature Review and Landscape Scan

NAE Racial Justice & Equity Committee 

With support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the NAE is commissioning both a literature review and a landscape scan on five topical areas to identify collaborators and existing best practices. The resulting documents will inform the development of a framework for action to be taken by the Racial Justice & Equity (RJ&E) Committee. The RJ&E planning subcommittee will use the knowledge gained from the literature review and landscape scan to determine how the RJ&E Committee can best use the convening power and strengths of the NAE to amplify effective practices, develop cohorts of individuals and organizations working together toward a common goal, and promote work that addresses racial inequity and injustice. 

RFQ: Literature Review

RFQ: Landscape Scan

Short Description of the Work to be Performed