José N. Reyes, Jr.
José N. Reyes, Jr.
Cofounder and Chief Technolgy Officer, NuScale Power, LLC
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José N. Reyes, Jr. is cofounder and chief technology officer of NuScale Power and professor emeritus in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Oregon State University. He has more than 40 years of experience covering nuclear reactor regulation (USNRC), academia, and nuclear reactor design and commercialization. He is an internationally recognized expert on passive safety systems, test facility scaling and design, and small modular reactors. He is the originator of the dynamical system scaling method and a coinventor on over 110 patents granted or pending in 20 countries. Dr. Reyes has received several national awards including the Nuclear Energy Advocate Award (2013), American Nuclear Society Thermal Hydraulic Division Technical Achievement Award (2014), Nuclear Infrastructure Council Trailblazer Award (2017), and ANS Walter Zinn Medal (2021). He is the author of numerous journal articles, technical reports, and two book chapters, and has given lectures and keynote addresses to professional nuclear organizations in the US, Europe, and Asia. He is a fellow of the American Nuclear Society. He was elected to the NAE in 2018 for innovations in small modular nuclear reactor design, nuclear safety, entrepreneurship, and education. Dr. Reyes received a BS from the University of Florida and an MS and PhD from the University of Maryland, all in nuclear engineering.

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