NAE EngineerGirl presented the 2023 National Science Board Science and Society Award

Fri, May 12, 2023

Dan Reed, NSB Chair; Guru Madhavan, NAE program director; Simil Raghavan, NAE senior program officer-EngineerGirl; and Mary Mathias, NAE program officer-EngineerGirlThe National Academy of Engineering's EngineerGirl was presented the 2023 National Science Board (NSB) Science and Society Award for its “extraordinary efforts to increase participation and diversity in the science and engineering fields.”

EngineerGirl began more than 20 years ago to inspire women and girls to become engineers. Initially targeted to middle school-aged girls, the program expanded to meet the interests of high school-aged girls as well as the general public. Today, EngineerGirl includes several components including Ask an Engineer Q&A, writing contest, Try This design challenges and an ambassadors program.  

In honoring EngineerGirl, the NSB noted, “The National Academy of Engineering launched EngineerGirl to inspire women and girls to become engineers in 2001. Since then, the bright, colorful site has shared new, relevant, and engaging content that features a variety of role models and ways to engage with the overall mission. EngineerGirl focuses on empowering young women to engage in engineering and consider engineering as a career path because girls and women remain underrepresented in the engineering profession.”

EG_Award1.jpgSimil Raghavan, Director of the Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Engineering for All initiatives at the NAE, accepted the award on behalf of EngineerGirl at the National Science Foundation’s Awards Gala held May 9 at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Raghavan and Mary Mathias, NAE program officer, pioneered the success of the EngineerGirl program.

“The EngineerGirl website is a hub for young girls to learn about and engage with engineers and the engineering profession,” said NAE President John L. Anderson. “The dynamic website houses resources, videos and contests to inspire the next generation of women engineers and increase diversity in the profession. We are very proud of the NAE EngineerGirl program and all it has accomplished. I thank the staff, NAE members, NSF, our donors, and other partners who have made EngineerGirl such a success over the years.”

Since its inception, EngineerGirl has introduced many thousands of girls across the country to new opportunities in all areas of engineering.

For more information on EngineerGirl and to read the NSB award announcement, click here.