Alex "Sandy" Pentland
Alex "Sandy" Pentland
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; Toshiba Professor, MIT
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Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland directs MIT Connection Science, an MIT-wide initiative, and previously helped create and direct the MIT Media Lab. He is a member of advisory boards for the UN Secretary General, the UN Foundation, Consumers Union, the OECD, and formerly the American Bar Association, Google, AT&T, and Nissan. Professor Pentland is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, has an h-index of 149, and his lab’s spin-offs touch roughly 1/3 of humanity every day. He co-led the World Economic Forum discussion in Davos that led to the EU privacy regulation GDPR, and he was one of the UN Secretary General’s “Data Revolutionaries” helping to forge the transparency and accountability mechanisms in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. His most recent books are Building the New Economy, Trusted Data, and Honest Signals, all published by MIT Press, and Social Physics, published by Penguin. He earned a BGS (mathematics, statistics) from the University of Michigan and a PhD in AI and psychology from MIT.

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