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Fall Bridge on the Value Proposition in Innovative Engineering
September 22, 2023 Volume 53 Issue 3
This issue explores the unique value proposition that engineers and engineering disciplines present in addressing the National Academies’ Grand Challenges. Covering topics ranging from the global sustainability challenge to the sequestration of carbon to transformations in our water management system, the articles in this issue show how engineers are vital to creating a world in which humanity can thrive.

Editor's Note: Welcoming Changes

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Author: Ronald M. Latanision

I am pleased to introduce the editor of The Bridge, Kyle Gipson. Kyle joined the NAE Outreach and Communications team on June 20. He will oversee all NAE editorial projects including The Bridge, Memorial Tributes, reports, studies, marketing materials, and more. Kyle has honed his editorial expertise through his six years in scholarly book publishing at some of the nation’s most renowned university presses, including Johns Hopkins University Press and the MIT Press, as well as trade publishers. His ability to edit in a manner that (1) allows authors to communicate their messages as directly and clearly as possible to readers, (2) aligns with the author’s vision and voice, and (3) conforms to set standards for style, content, and format will be a great asset to The Bridge and to the NAE. Kyle earned an MA in English from Harvard University and a BA in sociology from Bard College.

Kyle finds that working with experts across the sciences, humanities, and social sciences has strengthened his ability to effectively communicate their ideas to a variety of audiences. “This has allowed me to become adept at distilling complex ideas into clear and concise language, and to tailor that language to different reader-ships. By working with experts in various disciplines, I’ve also fine-tuned the ability to quickly familiarize myself with specialized fields of study.”

In the short time I have known Kyle he has earned my applause for the commitment, energy, and skill he has devoted to The Bridge. He has also won the gratitude of the authors in this issue who have responded to his editorial suggestions with such comments as “Thanks for the great feedback and comments!” and “It has been an absolute pleasure working on this.” I know that we will be in good hands going forward with him as editor. You can reach him at or 202-334-2915.

About the Author:Ronald M. Latanision (NAE) is a senior fellow at Exponent and editor in chief of The Bridge.