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Sleep Shirt

PostedJune 5, 2011

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Randy Atkins: Forget about all those wires that monitor things like brain activity in sleep studies, but may actually keep you from sleeping, says Thomas Lipoma of Nyx Devices.

Thomas Lipoma: We’ve found specific indicators that can tell us exactly what stage of sleep you’re in, just from your breathing.

Randy Atkins: So they’ve engineered a form-fitting shirt embedded with two strategically-placed breath sensor pads, and thread-thin wires that send data to a recorder placed in the shirt’s pocket.

Thomas Lipoma: You can’t feel the wires, the pads themselves are so thin it’s almost undetectable as you wear it.

Randy Atkins: Plug the recorder into your computer and it will upload the data to a website where you can analyze the results at home every morning. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.


The shirts should be available, for about 100-dollars, next year.