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Making Things: 21st Century Manufacturing and Design Forum

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Twenty years ago, as the U.S. consumer manufacturing sector suffered a near-death experience in the face of Japanese innovations, the MIT report “Made in America” concluded that, “To live well a nation must produce well.” Is this still true today? What now lies ahead in this world of globalization, open innovation, biology-based manufacturing, and next-generation robotics? How do we inspire and educate students to create the next wave of design and manufacturing breakthroughs? What will be the ramifications for jobs in the United States? At the upcoming 2011 NAE Annual Meeting Forum, “Making Things: 21st Century Manufacturing and Design,” an expert panel will explore many facets of contemporary manufacturing and design and help establish a fresh view of the opportunities and responsibilities of engineering leaders.


Ali Velshi, Anchor and Chief Business Correspondent, CNN


Craig R. Barrett, former Chairman and CEO,  Intel  Corporation

Rodney A. Brooks, Founder, Chairman and CTO of  Heartland Robotics, and MIT professor emeritus

Lawrence D.  Burns, former Vice President for R&D and Strategic Planning, General Motors Corporation
What the Next Generation Needs to Know and Do in Manufacturing and Design

Ursula M. Burns, Chairman and CEO, Xerox Corporation

Regina E. Dugan, Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Brett P. Giroir, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives, The Texas A&M University System, and President and CEO, National Biosecurity Foundation
David Kelley, Founder and Chairman of IDEO and Stanford University Professor of Mechanical Engineering

What Does the Next Generation Need to Know and Do in Manufacturing and Design?
JW Marriott Hotel

Chuck thanks for posing such an important question. Asking the right questions is key to great leadership, which you exemplify. 

Prince Charles asked an important question recently. He and Camilla were sharing a quiet glass of wine after Prince William and Kate’s wedding. Camilla suddenly said, “Oh, I love you, I love you!” Charles asked, “Is that you talking or the wine?” Camilla responded, “It’s me talking to the wine.” Clearly, how you see things depends on your perspective.

I view manufacturing as a value adding work system that turns resources into “experiences” desired by customers. I see design as a creative activity focused on ensuring these experiences are positive.  My perspective is that manufacturing and design encompass all facets of customer experience, not just physical products. In this context, I learned a ... More