Mark Sanders
Virginia Tech
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Mark Sanders, Virginia Tech Professor Emeritus of Integrative STEM Education / Technology Teacher Education is most recently known for his two decades of work in Integrative STEM Education. As PI and co-Director of the Technology, Science Mathematics Integration Project (NSF, 1991-1996) he co-authored the TSM Connection Activities (1996, McGraw-Hill) and Engineering & Design Applications (2008, McGraw-Hill). In 2003, he conceptualized Virginia Tech’s Integrative STEM Education graduate program, which he co-founded in 2005. By 2010, this unique graduate program enrolled more than 50 S, T, E, & M teachers / administrators from 10 states, including two dozen PhD candidates and a comparable number of EdS & master’s students. From 1980-2005, he pioneered / disseminated new graphic communication instruction, including electronic publishing (1981), digital multimedia (1983); interactive video (1984); digital video / holography (1992); and Web-based portfolios (1995). His Communication Technology text, the first to address “cross-media publishing” technologies (McGraw-Hill, 1991, 1996) quickly became the most-used text in the field. He was Founding Editor of the internationally recognized Journal of Technology Education (1989-1997) and pioneered free global access to the JTE (1992-present) before the Web was launched. He envisioned, established, and directed Graphic Comm Central (1997-2009), the Web portal and professional network for graphic communication educators. He earned a PhD in Education (U of Maryland, 1980) and began his career as a high school Technology teacher in upstate NY.

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