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Maryland's 9-11 Memorial

PostedSeptember 11, 2011

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Randy Atkins: While all three 9-11 sites are represented, columns from New York’s World Trade Center north tower are the centerpiece of the memorial designed by the architectural firm Ziger/Snead.

Douglas Bothner: They used to be these very strong, vertical, very precisely engineered and spaced objects, and now they are very twisted and torn.

Randy Atkins: But, Douglas Bothner, who led the project, says now they are precisely placed again…on a marble base where, every September 11th, the shadow of Baltimore’s pentagon-shaped World Trade Center building will align with inscriptions of 2001 events at the exact time they occurred.

Douglas Bothner: We have really sophisticated computer software that helps us do the site plan, to make sure we had the shadows working correctly, and we cross-referenced it with an astronomer.

Randy Atkins: Names of the fallen are also inscribed on the Memorial. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.