Frontiers of Engineering Education

Frontiers of Engineering Education Desired Outcomes


Frontiers of Engineering

Vision:  To strengthen the engineering and innovation capacity and capability of the nation, by catalyzing a vibrant community of emerging engineering education leaders.

Mission: Provide a symposium that recognizes accomplishment, facilitates learning, broadens collaboration, and promotes dissemination of pioneering practice in engineering education.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants will strengthen their professional capacity for engineering education innovation by—

  • Identifying and understanding how to apply identified best practices in engineering education;
  • Developing new ideas to advance their innovations in engineering education;
  • Developing an understanding that engineering educational innovation should be guided by the evolving evidence-based body of knowledge on engineering learning, in part established through research in engineering education;
  • Establishing long-lasting professional relationships with those attending the symposiums, and through those relationships establish new or broadened networks with other educational innovators;
  • Becoming agents of change to help advance the U.S. capacity for engineering education innovation

Broader Impact:

The symposium will advance U.S. engineering education by—

  • Enhancing the recruitment, retention, and professional success of engineering students by virtue of local and widespread implementations of FOEE innovations;
  • Encouraging increased participation of (native born) U.S. students in careers in engineering;
  • Raising the visibility and importance of nurturing the U.S. capacity for engineering education innovation, and raising the prominence of the young innovators in this domain;
  • Facilitating the dissemination of the participants’ educational innovations and strategies beyond the campus(es) of the participants;        
  • Stimulating new educational research and practices that advance the body of knowledge on engineering learning