Recently Deceased Members

 The National Academy of Engineering recently learned of the following deaths.

Name Section Date of Death
William J. Chancellor 12 2/16/2017
Lawrence B. Curtis 11, 8 1/25/2017
Marvin M. Johnson 3 3/10/2017
Herbert S. Levinson 4, 12 2/17/2017
Roland W. Schmitt 7, 8 3/31/2017
Wilford Frank Weeks 12 3/10/2017

  *Foreign Member

To report the passing of an NAE member or foreign member, please contact the membership office on or (202) 334-2198. Memorial Tributes are compiled by the National Academy of Engineering as personal remembrances of the lives and outstanding achievements of its members and foreign members. If you would like to write a memorial tribute please contact Mary Lee Berger-Hughes on or (202) 334-2197.