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Dr. Edward A. Miller Draper Prize
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Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering
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As General Electric's Project Engineer and Program Manager, Edward A. Miller was responsible for the design, construction, deployment, operation, and recovery of Corona's satellite recovery vehicle (SRV) – the first man-made object recovered from Earth's orbit.

Dr. Miller's prior experience on the USAF experimental RVX-1 and RVX-2 reentry vehicles and the MK III ICBM Atlas launch vehicle proved invaluable in his work on Corona, resulting in an unprecedented record of more than 100 successful recoveries.

After his work on Corona, Dr. Miller continued his development of spacebased camera systems. As a leader of Itek Corporation's Viking Lander Program, he helped obtain the first imagery transmitted from the surface of Mars in 1974. And as Assistant Secretary of the Army from 1975 through 1977, he led a multi-faceted R&D program that resulted in such advanced weapons systems as the Apache and Blackhawk helicopters, the Abrams M1 Tank, and the Patriot High Altitude Air Defense System.

Dr. Miller received the Army Distinguished Civilian Service Decoration and was recognized as an Eminent Engineer by the National Engineering Honor Society (Tau Beta Pi) in 1976. He was named a Pioneer of Space Technology in 1985 and was honored by the Director of Central Intelligence for his role as a Corona Pioneer in 1995.

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  • Draper
  • 2005
  • For the design, development, and operation of Corona, the first space-based Earth observation system.