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Recipients of the Simon Ramo Founders Award

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  • 2023
    Dr. Robert W. Conn
    Dr. Robert W. Conn
    Walter J. Zable Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Dean, Emeritus
    Jacobs School, University of California, San Diego
    CitationFor shaping national science and technology policy through leadership in academia, business, and philanthropy and for seminal contributions to fusion engineering.
  • 2022
    Dr. L. Rafael Reif
    Dr. L. Rafael Reif
    Office of the President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    CitationFor pioneering leadership to reimagine and advance higher education, university-based entrepreneurship, the future of computing, the future of work, sustainability and semiconductor technology.
  • 2021
    Dr. Wm A. Wulf
    Dr. Wm A. Wulf
    AT&T Professor of Computer Science and University Professor Emeritus, Department of Computer Science
    University of Virginia
    CitationFor outstanding accomplishments in academia, government, and industry and reinvention of NAE to serve the nation and engineering profession after a period of organizational turmoil.
  • 2020
    Dr. Frances S. Ligler
    Dr. Frances S. Ligler
    Senior Scientist, Retired, Naval Research Laboratory, Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
    North Carolina State University and UNC-Chapel Hill
    CitationFor the invention and development of portable optical biosensors, service to the nation and profession, and educating the next, more diverse generation of engineers.
  • 2019
    Cato T. Laurencin
    Dr. Cato T. Laurencin
    University Professor, and Albert & Wilda Van Dusen Distinguished Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
    University of Connecticut
    CitationFor fundamental, critical, and groundbreaking scientific advances in the engineering of tissues, guiding technology and science policy, and promoting diversity and excellence in science.
  • 2018
    Thomas Kailath
    Professor Thomas Kailath
    Professor of Engineering
    Stanford University
    CitationFor pioneering contributions to diverse fields of electrical engineering and for leadership in technology commercialization and in engineering education, guiding a stellar array of young scholars.
  • 2017
    John E. Hopcroft
    Dr. John E. Hopcroft
    IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science
    Cornell University
    CitationFor contributions to the advancement of computer science through pioneering publications, educational leadership, public service, and outstanding research.
  • 2016
    Ruzena Bajcsy
    Dr. Ruzena K. Bajcsy
    NEC Chair Professor of EECS and Director Emeritus of CITRIS
    EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley
    CitationFor seminal contributions to the fields of computer vision, robotics, and medical imaging, and technology and policy leadership in computer science education and research.
  • 2015
    Dr. Linda P.B. Katehi
    Dr. Linda P.B. Katehi
    University of California, Davis
    CitationFor visionary leadership in engineering research, entrepreneurship, and education, and for national advocacy of higher education as a major driver of the U.S. economy.
  • 2014
    Dr. Robert A. Brown Biography
    Dr. Robert A. Brown
    Boston University
    CitationFor contributions to understanding of viscoelastic liquids and crystal growth, commitment to diversity in engineering, and leadership in transforming disciplines and institutions.
  • 2013
    Albert D. Wheelon Biography
    Dr. Albert D. Wheelon
    Retired Chairman and CEO
    Hughes Aircraft Company
    CitationFor outstanding contributions to aircraft, spacecraft, and communication satellite technology that enhanced national security and strengthened the U.S. economy.
  • 2012
    Nicholas A. Peppas Biography
    Dr. Nicholas A. Peppas
    Fletcher Pratt Chair of Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacy
    University of Texas at Austin
    CitationFor contributions to biomedical and drug delivery applications of polymer networks and hydrogels and for leadership in the bioengineering community
  • 2011
    David Atlas
    David Atlas
    Distinguished Visiting Scientist
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    CitationFor five decades of research, innovation and development, leading to operational weather radar systems that have improved aviation safety and weather-related safety for millions worldwide.
  • 2010
    Dr. Robert Langer
    Dr. Robert Langer
    David H. Koch Institute Professor
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    CitationFor the invention, development, and commercialization of methods and materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering, mentoring of your scientists, and the promotion of the nation’s health.
  • 2009
    John R. Casani
    John R. Casani
    Special Assistant to the Director
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    CitationFor distinguished innovation and leadership in robotic spacecraft engineering and project management that has enabled the first four decades of planetary and deep space exploration.
  • 2008
    Dr. Robert M. Nerem
    Dr. Robert M. Nerem
    Parker H. Petit Professor and Director
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    CitationFor seminal contributions to the fluid mechanics of biological systems, pioneering research in tissue engineering & leadership in bioengineering nationally& internationally including founding the American Institute for Medical&Biological Engineering.
  • 2007
    Dr. Stanford "Sol" Penner
    Dr. Stanford "Sol" Penner
    Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Engineering Physics
    University of California, San Diego
    CitationFor pivotal studies on thermal radiation, propulsion, combustion, and energy systems, directing government studies, founding a university department and energy center, and training future leaders.
  • 2006
    Dr. Shu Chien
    Dr. Shu Chien
    University Professor of Bioengineering and Medicine and Director
    University of California, San Diego
    CitationFor outstanding contributions to elucidating the engineering foundation of cardiovascular dynamics, and integrating engineering and biomedical sciences for the development of the biomedical engineering profession.
  • 2005
    Dr. C. Dan Mote, Jr.
    Dr. C. Dan Mote Jr.
    President and Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor
    University of Maryland
    CitationFor the creation of a comprehensive body of work on the dynamics of moving flexible structures and for leadership in academia.
  • 2004
    Dr. Eli Ruckenstein
    Dr. Eli Ruckenstein
    Distinguished Professor
    State University of New York
    CitationFor leadership in modernizing research and development in key areas of chemical engineering.
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