Dr. Eli Ruckenstein
Dr. Eli Ruckenstein Ramo Founders Award
Distinguished Professor , State University of New York
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The breadth and novelty of Dr. Ruckenstein’s research contributions in the field of chemical engineering is extraordinary. He is a world leader in the chemical engineering of colloids and interfaces and he is well known for his pioneering theories of the thermodynamics of microemulsions, hydrodynamics of thin films, supported catalysts, and scaling of transport phenomena. Dr. Ruckenstein also has had a profound influence on many of his chemical engineering students, who now occupy leadership positions in industry, academia, and governments in both the United States and abroad (Canada, Romania, India, Taiwan, Israel, Korea, and Singapore). He has served as a role model to his students due to his total dedication and broad interest in science and engineering.

Dr. Ruckenstein received a B.S. and Ph.D from Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, and an honorary doctoral degree from the Technical University of Bucharest. Some of the various institutes of higher education at which he has taught are Carnegie Mellon University; London University, U.K.; Technion, Israel; Institute of Polymers at ETH, Switzerland; and the Catholic University, Belgium. Ruckenstein has received several awards including the National Medal of Science, the Creativity Award of the National Science Foundation, the Walker Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the Pioneer of Science Award. His research has led to the publication of over 1,000 articles and he holds 10 U.S. patents.

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  • Ramo Founders
  • 2004
  • For leadership in modernizing research and development in key areas of chemical engineering.