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Robotic Jellyfish

PostedJune 10, 2012

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Anchor Lede: You hate to see the real thing at the beach…but, if a Virginia Tech engineer has his way, swarms of robotic jellyfish might one day keep watch over the oceans.

Randy Atkins: A jellyfish is resilient…thriving in most of the world’s oceans at a variety of depths.

Shashank Priya: And it’s able to move very efficiently.

Randy Atkins: Shashank Priya, a Virginia Tech engineer, says those properties would make a robotic jellyfish ideal for uses ranging from military surveillance to monitoring ocean health. And…

Shashank Priya: It will be a self-sustainable vehicle. It generates its own power to do all of the decision-making operations, all of the propulsion systems, and all of the sensing.

Randy Atkins: Priya says power could come from solar energy or, for operations in deeper water, seafood. Yes, he’s even trying to mimic the jellyfish eating process. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.