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Virtual Reality Contact Lenses

PostedJuly 8, 2012

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Anchor Lede: Experiencing virtual reality usually requires bulky headgear or stationary immersive environments. But new contact lenses may soon allow visual enhancements on-the-go.

Randy Atkins: You’d have to wear regular-sized glasses fitted with barely-noticeable projectors on each arm that beam images onto the interior lens surface. Special contact lenses with two tiny filters would allow you to clearly see those images or, with the flip of a switch, turn them off. Randall Sprague, CTO of Innovega Inc., says it could be connected to your smart phone.

Randall Sprauge: The wearable display allows you to have constant connection to the internet and only get the information when you need it.

Randy Atkins: …literally right before your eyes. The other filter allows or blocks light from the world around you and Sprague says both filters can be open at once so, for example…

Randall Sprauge: You could have an application that does face recognition and then puts the name of that person on top of their head.

Randy Atkins: Giving you a perfect memory. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.