Energy Ethics in Science and Engineering Education

National Institute for Energy Ethics and Society

Arizona State University
Tempe AZ
Frazier Benya
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National Institute for Energy Ethics and Society

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The National Institute for Energy Ethics and Society (NIEES) was an exciting one week seminar for 9 graduate students in energy research to examine ethical and societal issues associated with US energy choices. Seminar participants attended lectures and discussions, worked on individual and group projects, and developed plans for activities at their home institutions. They also visited energy research facilities to talk with researchers and managers about the directions and ethical aspects of their work.

Seminar speakers were energy scientists, engineers, and policymakers at academic and other institutions, as well as social scientists and ethicists who have studied and published about alternative energy futures and the social and historical influences that shape trajectories of energy use and development.

The complete agenda includes presentations from the event and the bibliography created for the event includes a selection of news articles and journal articles on energy and ethics topics that can be useful to educators and students interested in learning more about the topics.