Sherra E. Kerns
Dr. Sherra E. Kerns Gordon Prize
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
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Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education
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SHERRA E. KERNS served as Vice President for Innovation and Research of the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering from 1999 to 2007; she also serves as the F. W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  She has served in numerous other leadership roles, including President of the American Society for Engineering Education, service on the Executive Committee of the EAC and the Board of ABET, and President of the National Electrical Engineering Department Heads’ Association. She has published over 100 refereed technical papers and has delivered many invited and Keynote presentations on both technical and educational topics. Prior to coming to Olin, Dr. Kerns served as Vanderbilt University’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department Chair and as Director of the University Consortium for Research on Electronics in Space, a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary research organization.

Dr. Kerns served two terms on the NRC Naval Studies Board, was a member of the NAE Steering Committee for “The Engineer of 2020” Project and of the NAE Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education, and of several advisory boards for other engineering schools. She is a Fellow of the IEEE, for her technical achievements, and Fellow of the ASEE, for her contributions to engineering education. She has won three major university-level awards for excellence in teaching and the Harriett B. Rigas Award for the Outstanding Woman Engineering Educator. Awards for her technical contributions include the IEEE Millennium Medal and the ALCOA Foundation Engineering Research Achievement Award




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  • Gordon
  • 2013
  • For guiding the creation of Olin College and its student-centered approach to developing effective engineering leaders.