Go Viral to Improve Health: The 2013 IOM-NAE Health Data Collegiate Challenge

Judging Criteria

 The criteria for submissions to the 2013 challenge will be based on the following factors:

Integration of Health Data
• Publicly available, de-identified health data must be integrated into your product. Teams will be required to indicate the dataset(s) they used to create their app.
• Each submission will be rated on how well the app integrates data from the indicated data sources.

Design and Usability
• Each submission will be rated on its user-friendliness and interactive capabilities. 
• Apps will be rated on their ability to “go viral” through integration of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, SMS text messaging, and email.
• Preference will be given to applications that are easily accessible to a range of consumers and on a variety of platforms.

Creativity and Innovation
• Each submission will be rated for the degree of new thinking it brings to applications for health, and the creativity shown in designing for impact.

Potential for Impact
• Each submission will be rated on the strength of its potential to improve the health of individuals and/or communities for the specific health issue indicated in the submission process. 
• Apps will be rated on their potential for further development and ability to be expanded and reused for different health issues.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of outside judges. Judges for this year's challenge will be announced in the coming months.