Making Value for America Study

Project Status
July 25, 2019
Robert A. Pritzker and the Robert Pritzker Family Foundation, Gordon E. Moore, Cummins, Boeing, IBM, Rockwell Collins, Xerox, Jon Rubinstein, Qualcomm, Edward Horton
Final Report
Making Value for America
Authoring InstitutionNational Academy of Engineering
Publication DateMarch 02, 2015
Concerned about the challenges facing US manufacturing--and excited about the prospect of dramatic change in this sector--the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) undertook a study to identify best practices along the manufacturing value chain and to recommend public- and private-sector actions to make the United States an effective environment for value creation. The NAE was joined in supporting this study by Gordon E. Moore, Robert A. Pritzker and the Robert Pritzker Family Foundation, Jonathan J. Rubinstein, Edward Horton, and by a number of US companies--Boeing, Cummins, IBM, Qualcomm, Rockwell Collins, and Xerox.
  • Members of the National Academy of Engineering believe the United States is at a critical juncture to ensure continued innovation in manufacturing and high-tech services that drive the nation’s economic engine. In response, NAE launched the Manufacturing, Design, and Innovation Initiative. The centerpiece of this initiative is a consensus study and outreach effort, called the Making Value for America project, to provide a foundation of information for actions in business, education, and government.

Read NAE's report on Making Value for America: Embracing the Future of Manufacturing, Technology, and Work    

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Globalization, developments in technology, and new business models are transforming the way products and services are conceived, designed, made, and distributed in the U.S. and around the world. These forces present challenges - lower wages and fewer jobs for a growing fraction of middle-class workers - as well as opportunities for "makers" and aspiring entrepreneurs to create entirely new types of businesses and jobs. Making Value for America examines these challenges and opportunities and offers recommendations for collaborative actions between government, industry, and education institutions to help ensure that the U.S. thrives amid global economic changes and remains a leading environment for innovation.

The study focuses on three key objectives:

  1. Examine best practices for integrated innovation, design, manufacturing, and services that improve intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial performance;
  2. Identify educational approaches that prepare the workforce with advantageous skills for 21st Century opportunities;
  3. Provide recommendations to create a favorable environment for effective, fast-paced value creation that will benefit the United States.