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Engineering Achievements
September 1, 2000 Volume 30 Issue 3/4
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  • Friday, September 1, 2000
    AuthorGeorge M. C. Fisher

    Technology, humanism, and cross-disciplinary cooperation can combine to take us farther than we dreamed we could go.

    Good afternoon, and congratulations to our new members. I know you will find your experience with the NAE rewarding. Few organizations have so great an effect on the future. And ...

  • Friday, September 1, 2000
    AuthorWm. A. Wulf

    Poised as we are between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, it is the perfect moment to reflect on the accomplishments of engineers in the last century and ponder the challenges facing them in the next.

    This past February, working with the engineering professional societies, the NAE ...

  • Friday, September 1, 2000
    AuthorSheila E. Widnall

    Engineering must welcome women or risk becoming marginalized as other fields seek out and make a place for them.

    In a recent seminar with faculty colleagues, we were discussing the information content of a string of numbers. The assertion was made that the quantity of information equaled the ...

  • Friday, September 1, 2000
    AuthorAnita K. Jones

    Maintaining a military advantage based on superior technology has been and will continue to be a keystone of U.S. military strategy. For that reason, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) funds a science and technology (S&T) program. For decades, entirely new military capabilities have ...

  • Friday, September 1, 2000
    AuthorJohn H. Gibbons

    Years ago I was fascinated by an antique that was highly prized by my great aunt. It was a songbird in a gilded cage that when wound up would move about gracefully and sing a lovely tune. It was crafted in the latter part of the 19th century, a time when many thought of the Newtonian world as ...