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Engineering Partnerships
September 1, 1996 Volume 26 Issue 3/4
The Bridge, Volume 26, Number 3/4, Fall-Winter 1996
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  • Sunday, September 1, 1996
    AuthorJonathan R. Cole

    The gulf in understanding between scientists and nonscientists may be traceable to an educational system that neglects the historical importance of scientific and technological developments.

    I want to speak this morning about the recent past and the immediate future of science, technology, and ...

  • Sunday, September 1, 1996
    AuthorPanel Discussion

    To close out the symposium, four distinguished panelists (Marye Anne Fox, Thomas Malone, David Goldston, and Linda Cohen) were asked to make brief presentations on various aspects of government-university-industry partnerships. Short excerpts from these talks appear below next to the speakers' ...

  • Sunday, September 1, 1996
    AuthorThomas E. Everhart

    Despite lessening federal support, U.S. research universities remain a vital component of the nation's system of knowledge creation and technology transfer.

    This symposium is organized on the principle that government, industry, and universities all have a role to play in order for our nation ...

  • Sunday, September 1, 1996
    AuthorRobert W. Galvin

    From increased student interest in engineering, to the use of science road maps, the next decade promises a host of new developments and opportunities.

    Engineers know better than anyone the significance of systems. A fundamental system, of course, is society itself, which is the context within ...

  • Sunday, September 1, 1996
    AuthorWilliam J. Spencer

    The 1996 NAE Annual Meeting symposium focused on cooperation among industry, universities, and government for U.S. technological leadership in the twenty-first century. Today, the United States leads the world in all three sectors. American democracy, our capitalistic system, and our open market ...

  • Sunday, September 1, 1996
    AuthorRichard F. Celeste

    A new focus on industry relationships characterizes cooperative R&D initiatives at both the state and federal level.

    I would like to share my thoughts about what kind of a partner government is, with industry and universities, in helping to create the extraordinary scientific and ...