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Engineering Culture
March 1, 1997 Volume 27 Issue 1
The Bridge: Volume 27, Number 1, Spring 1997
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  • Saturday, March 1, 1997
    AuthorGeorge Bugliarello

    Most of the fundamental changes in our modern society and way of life have been brought about, directly or indirectly, by technology. The list of changes is long and varied: from the nature of war--away from nuclear confrontation toward terrorism and low-intensity conflicts--to the globalization of ...

  • Saturday, March 1, 1997
    AuthorJoseph Bordogna

    Tomorrow's engineers will need to use abstract and experiential learning, to work independently and in teams, and to meld engineering science and engineering practice.

    Over 2,000 years ago, a well-to-do citizen of ancient Greece offered some of his real estate, a grove, to a thoughtful fellow ...

  • Saturday, March 1, 1997
    AuthorJohn Armstrong

    Boundary-breaking behavior by engineers will be key to successful, and needed, institutional change in industry and academia.

    One can not read IEEE Spectrum or any engineering monthly, Science magazine, or The Chronicle of Higher Education without finding a discussion of corporate research, ...

  • Saturday, March 1, 1997
    AuthorPamela Samuelson

    Scientists and engineers need to get organized to provide input to policymakers on proposals that may limit the use of data for research purposes.

    The scientific and engineering communities have a very substantial stake in the outcome of the current debate over whether database developers ...