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Engineering in China
June 1, 1998 Volume 28 Issue 2
The Bridge, Volume 28, Number 2 - Summer 1998
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  • Monday, June 1, 1998
    AuthorZhu Guangya

    Chinese engineering and technology have developed rapidly since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. This growth has been especially dramatic following the adoption of national reform and openness policies nearly 20 years ago. Our nation has trained a large number of skilled ...

  • Monday, June 1, 1998
    AuthorMarco Di Capua

    Consumer demand, interaction with U.S. industry, reverse migration of Chinese scientists and engineers, and government- sponsored S&T initiatives are accelerating China's development and use of new technology.

    During my 4 years (1993-1997) as a diplomat-scientist leading the Environment, ...

  • Monday, June 1, 1998
    AuthorHui Yongzheng

    From genetically engineered rice and cancer therapies to advanced computing, fiber optics, and automation, China is working hard to develop - and commercialize - a broad range of important technologies.

    China is a populous developing country with relatively limited natural resources, uneven ...

  • Monday, June 1, 1998
    AuthorJ. Thomas Ratchford

    The role of science and engineering in U.S. diplomacy and foreign policy needs substantial strengthening, if the nation is to meet the economic, environmental, and security challenges of the next century.

    There have been a number of studies of the role of science and technology (S&T) in ...

  • Monday, June 1, 1998
    AuthorRichard Balzhiser

    Balancing the need for energy with the economic, social, and health costs of increased usage will be paramount for a nation soon to become the world's largest energy consumer.

    Late last year, the U.S. and Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering agreed to jointly examine the two countries' ...