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Tumor Targeting

PostedMay 19, 2013

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Anchor Lede: A soon-to-be-released test aims to sharpen the accuracy of cancer drugs.

Randy Atkins: Many cancer chemotherapies cause side-effects like hair loss because the drugs simply attack rapidly multiplying cells. But Glenn Hoke, CEO of Rockville-based Theranostics Health, says they’re about to launch a new test that could help change treatment…

Glenn Hoke: …from carpet-bombing tumors with a broad spectrum just to kill proliferation, to more targeted therapies that go after very specific proteins…

Randy Atkins: …that are part of abnormal biochemical reaction pathways causing cells to over multiply or refuse to die. Using a biopsy sample, they’ve engineered a process that’s…

Glenn Hoke: …able to tell the doctor that in fact this pathway is on, this drug target is active, and if you give the drug it should have some therapeutic benefit.

Randy Atkins: Hoke says it could point to a perfect multi-drug combo and save the expense of using medicines that won’t work at all. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.

Anchor Tag: The test will be available next month.