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International Cybersecurity

PostedJune 9, 2013

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Anchor Lead: The leaders of the U-S and China are meeting this weekend to discuss, among other things, cyber-security. Most recent news coverage has focused on cyber-theft, but could it turn into all-out war?

Randy Atkins: Basically, there are two kinds of hacking. Cyber-exploitation to steal information, and cyber-attacks that cripple or destroy computer systems. Herb Lin, a National Research Council cyber expert, says, to the victim, the initial penetration can look the same and...

Herb Lin: …this is a sure-fire way of escalating the conflict in ways that neither side wants to do.

Randy Atkins: Potentially starting a bruising cyber-war that’s difficult to end.

Herb Lin: What would you have to do to persuade the other guy that you weren’t doing it anymore?

Randy Atkins: Lin says that’s a very hard technical problem, and an example of the issues that international cyber-experts should get together to solve. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.