Complete Rules & Regulations

What are the Entry/Submission Requirements?

Participants will create and submit a 1 to 2 minute video showing engineering contributions that serve human welfare and the needs of society occurring anywhere during the time period from 1964 to 2064.

Short videos (“Submissions”) must display engineering achievements serving human welfare and the needs of society. For the purposes of the competition, engineering is an original creation, “creating what never was,” serving people and society. The total duration of the video must not exceed 2 minutes (including titles and credits) and videos between 1 and 2 minutes are expected.

Submissions may utilize all production techniques and genres (e.g., animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist video, and hybrid work) at the discretion of the contestant, and must be entirely uploadable to YouTube.

Non-English language entries or any sections containing non-English dialogue must include English subtitles.

To submit a video, entrants must complete the online Entry Form at Entrants will provide a link to their video on YouTube and entrants must also upload a high resolution video file.  Non-U.S. entrants who do not have access to YouTube must upload a high resolution video file with their completed online Entry Form and may leave the “YouTube Video URL” line blank.

Video submissions will be accepted from an eligible individual or from the designated individual representative of a team. Each entrant is solely responsible for the information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, tags, and other materials included in the Submission, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted. A Submission must be original and the entrant must (1) hold all necessary rights to all the materials, images, videos, graphics and information in the Submission or (2) have permission from the holder of such rights, or (3) the materials, images, videos, graphics and information in the Submission must be in the public domain. A Submission may not contain offensive, libelous, sexually explicit, disparaging or other inappropriate content and may not defame or otherwise violate the rights, copyrights, trademarks, or rights of publicity, privacy, or reputation of any third party. A Submission may not contain any material to promote sale of a product or service.

Entrants are reminded that by uploading their Submission to YouTube, they are subject to the specific Terms of Service and Privacy policies of YouTube. The YouTube privacy policy can be viewed here:

When uploading Submissions to YouTube, entrants must select privacy/sharing settings that enable NAE to download, link to, or embed Submissions to NAE websites or other media in connection with the video contest. Information on YouTube privacy settings can be found here: Competition opens November 1, 2013, and will close at midnight (24:00 hours)  March 31, 2014, EDT. All entries must be received prior to this date and time in order to be considered.

Who Is Eligible to Compete?

The competition is open to all individuals or teams in the following six competition categories:

  1. Middle School students and younger (grades K-8)
  2. High School students (grades 9-12) 
  3. Tertiary Education students (2-year college through graduate school, part- or full-time)
  4. NAE Frontiers of Engineering and Frontiers of Engineering Education Participants/Alumni
  5. NAE Members and Foreign Members
  6. The General Public

Employees of the NAE and their immediate families or those living in the same household as an NAE employee are not eligible to enter this competition.
Entrants may participate in one video submission in one of the six competition categories. Entrants must enter one competition category at the time of their video submission. Each individual contest participant is restricted to one video submission only, whether an individual or a team submission. If ages of a team submission pertain to more than one category, the team should select the category that reflects the ages of the oldest members of the team.

How Will Entries be Judged and by Whom?

Submissions will be judged by a panel appointed by the President of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) that includes professionals from various engineering fields and the film and media industries. Members of the judging panel will consider the following criteria in making their selections:

  1. Creativity in the content selection and presentation;
  2. Anticipated breadth of public appeal and interest; and
  3. Effectiveness in highlighting engineering achievements serving advancement in human welfare and the needs society in an engaging and entertaining way.

The decisions of the judges are final and incontestable.

Winners will be notified by September 1, 2014.

What are the Prizes and How will They be Distributed?

“Best Video Overall” will be awarded $25,000 selected by a panel of judges.

“People’s Choice Award” will be awarded $5,000. The judges for the E4U Video Contest will select from all videos submitted to the E4U Video Contest a sub set of videos to be considered for the People’s Choice Award. It is anticipated that voting for the People’s Choice Award will commence by July 1, 2014 and conclude by September 1, 2014. All People’s Choice Award finalists will be informed of their status via email.

Top videos in each contestant group will be eligible for a prize of up to $5,000 at the discretion of the judges. The selection of a video within each of the categories is at the judges’ discretion.

Winning videos will be featured on the NAE web site and the NAE contest website and will be shown at the NAE 50th Anniversary celebration during the Academy’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in September 2014.

Prize funds will be distributed to an individual winner, to the designated individual representative of the winning team or to an organization designated by the team representative. By submitting the video for a team, the team representative stipulates that he or she has the approval of the team members to represent them. Such stipulation once made shall be irrevocable and unchangeable. NAE accepts no responsibility for apportioning winnings or for adjudicating disputes of any kind among team members.

Additional Requirements and Disclaimers

By entering this competition, entrants grant the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) a nonexclusive copyright interest in the video and agree that NAE may use (or allow to be used by others) entrants’ names, likenesses, photographs, voices, sounds and/or biographical information and Submissions for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes without compensation.

By entering this competition, entrants are granting permission to NAE to link to or to embed submissions, or portions thereof, on the NAE’s websites or other media in connection with NAE activities.  NAE reserves its right in its sole discretion to select all or part of any Submission to link to, or embed on, NAE website(s). 

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and E4U Video Contest will own the entire copyright interest in videos selected as winners of the contest. The winners irrevocably grant and assign exclusively to the NAE all rights, including copyright interests in the videos, under all laws, treaties and conventions throughout the world, in all forms, languages and media, now or hereafter known or developed without limitation. This includes, but is not limited to the right to publish, republish, transmit, sell, distribute and otherwise use the video and the material contained therein in electronic and print form and Individual authorizes NAE to license or permit others to do so. The NAE may publish the video on the E4U Video Contest or NAE websites, on its own, or with other material. At the discretion of NAE, winners may re-use the video as long as it is not sold or reproduced in whole or in part for commercial purposes.  

Submitting a video to this competition does not guarantee that the Submission will be displayed or used by NAE.

Use by NAE of a Submission does not necessarily reflect the views of the NAE, and in no event shall NAE assume or have any responsibility or liability for any Submission, in whole or in part, or for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from the use and/or appearance of any Submission or the contents thereof.

NAE reserves the right to refuse any Submission in its sole discretion. NAE also reserves the right at any time during the competition to remove or disqualify any Submission when it believes in its sole discretion that the entrant has: (i) infringed any third party's copyright; (ii) failed to comply with these Terms and Conditions; or (iii) failed to obtain the necessary consents as set out in these terms and conditions.

YouTube is not affiliated in any way with NAE, and NAE does not assume any responsibility or liability for an entrant’s participation in or use of any third-party website.

NAE shall not be liable for any claims, costs, liabilities, damages, expenses, and losses arising out of (i) NAE's use of the video; (ii) the entrant's participation in the competition; (iii) technical failures of any kind including but not limited to problems or delays arising from software or equipment malfunctions or computer viruses; and (iv) any events outside NAE's reasonable control.

By entering this competition, each team and each team member represents and warrants that: (i) the team and its members are the sole authors, creators, and owners of the entry; (ii) none of the intellectual property rights in the entry, or any portion thereof, has been assigned or transferred to anyone that is not a member of the team; (iii) the video, through its creation and its submission as an entry, does not violate any applicable laws; the video, through its creation and its submission as an entry, does not infringe upon or violate intellectual property rights held by any third person or party; and (iv) the team members will abide by and are in compliance with all intellectual property protection requirements of YouTube.

Any entrant (individual or team) who supplies false information, enters the NAE E4U Video Contest by fraudulent means, or is otherwise determined to be in violation of the eligibility criteria or terms of E4U Video Contest shall be ineligible for any prize and shall be required to forfeit any prize obtained based on such information or means.

This competition shall be governed by and construed in accordance with US law and entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District of Columbia.

Additional Information

For additional information please contact the E4U Video Contest staff at