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    Director of Development
    National Academy of Engineering
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    Associate Director of Development
    National Academy of Engineering
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Giving to NAE

The Campaign for NAE:
Leadership in a World of Accelerating Change

During the 2018 NAE Annual Meeting, Dr. Mote announced that the NAE has committed to a major fundraising campaign for the Academy. The campaign leads from strength, seeking funding to support strong, action-oriented programs. You can learn more about the ambitions for the campaign in Dr. Mote's Annual Meeting Address

If you would like to learn more about how you can make an investment in the NAE and get involved in the campaign, contact Radka Z. Nebesky, Director of Development, or Lauren Bartolozzi, Associate Director of Development.  


Thank You for Your Support in 2018!

The Office of Development would like to thank all of our members, friends, and staff who supported the National Academy of Engineering in 2018. We know that there are many worthy causes, and we are pleased that you chose to support the NAE. Your support underpins our ability to improve engineering education and increase the public’s understanding of the essential role of engineering in the advancement, security, and well-being of our society.

Thank you again for all that you did for the Academy last year. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for a breakdown of how your support made an impact in 2018. 


Section Challenges Update - September 2018

In October 2016, NAE chair Gordon England announced the creation of a $100,000 Chairman's Challenge for Section 1 that he personally funded, and asked others to pledge their support of the NAE and fund giving challenges for their own sections. Thanks to his leadership, multiple other challenges have been established.

There are currently four active section challenges for 2018: R. Noel Longuemare has challenged Section 1, the Arindam Bose family has challenged Section 2, Chad Holliday has challenged Section 8, and the Blankenship family has challenged Section 12. Please take a look our snapshot of where previous challenges finished, and where all active challenges currently stand. 


Donor Spotlight

Asad and Taj Cropped.jpgDr. Madni reflects that, “a professionally successful career that does not include philanthropy is an incomplete and unsatisfying one and I never forget that achieving this privilege in my profession makes it incumbent upon me and my family to give back and help guide the generation following us.” 

Read more about how Dr. Madni and his family have provided lasting support to the NAE



Publication Corner