Event Details
Washington DC

NAE Convocation of the Professional Engineering Societies 2011


8:30 AM Welcome from the NAE
Charles M. Vest, President, NAE
8:50 AM Welcome from the AAES
Reginald Vachon, Chair
American Association of Engineering Societies
  SESSION I - Educational Innovations
  Moderator, Norman Fortenberry, Executive Director, American Society for Engineering Education
9:00 AM Educational Innovations
Leah Jamieson
, (NAE), John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering
Purdue University
9:35 AM Data-driven Educational Practice
Michael Prince
, Professor of Chemical Engineering
Bucknell University
10:10 AM Break
10:30 AM

The Engineering of 2020: Prototype to Production
Patrick Terenzini
, Distinguished Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Senior Scientist of the Center for the Study of Higher Education
The Pennsylvania State University

11:05 AM The Engineering of 2020: Prototyping the Engineer of 2020
Lisa Lattuca
, Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Senior Research Associate of the Center for the Study of Higher Education
The Pennsylvania State Unversity
11:40 AM Panel Session of Engineering Education Speakers
12:10 PM Lunch
   SESSION II - Water Issues: Local to National
 1:30 PM Introduction to Session II
Moderator, Stephen Parker, Water Science and Technology Board, NRC
 1:40 PM Colorado River Basin Water Management and Sustainability
Jeffrey Jacobs
, WSTB Scholar, NRC
 2:15 PM The Challenges of Nutrient Control in Large Scale Watersheds and Efforts in the United States
David Dzombak
(NAE) Carnegie Mellon University
 2:50 PM  Break
 3:10 PM Water Supply Protection through Watershed Management:
Experience of New York City and Metropolitan Boston

Rutherford Platt
, Professor of Geography Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst
National Associate, The National Academies
 3:45 PM Sustainability of Water/Wastewater Services for Large Metropolitan Areas: Challenges and Choices 
Mohammad Habibian
, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
 4:20 PM National Water Policy Challenges
Gerry Galloway (NAE) University of Maryland
 5:00 PM  Adjourn