Engineering Innovation Podcast and Radio Series

Areas of Interest:

Media and Journalism, Understanding Engineering

Project Type:

Other Study

Latest Update: September 24, 2015
The NAE works with the Washington, D.C. region's only all-news radio station— WTOP Radio— and the nation's only all-news radio station for federal employees— WFED 1500 AM— to provide weekly features highlighting engineering innovations and stories that add technical context to issues in the news.
Primary Contact: Randy Atkins

3 Ways to Listen:

  1. Listen Online: NAE Index of WTOP Broadcasts (300+ available in MP3 Format)
  2. Live On the Radio: WTOP Radio (103.5 FM Washington D.C.), WFED 1500 AM (Washington D.C.)
  3. Podcast: How to Subscribe to the Engineering Innovation Podcast


On air since 2003, the Engineering Innovations radio series covers stories on topics in several categories including:

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronics/Computing/Internet
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health/Medicine/Biotechnology
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing and Systems
  • Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Practice of Engineering
  • Sound
  • Sports
  • Structures and Traffic
  • Transportation


Project Status
In Progress