Dr. T. Peter Brody
Dr. T. Peter Brody Draper Award
Chief Scientist, Advantech US
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Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering
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T. Peter Brody worked at Westinghouse, where he discovered the first active matrix displays. He later started his own firm, Panelvision, and then went on to become the president and CEO of Amedeo. In addition to his contributions to LCD technology, his numerous patents include a low-cost color filter process and a high-resolution printing process.

Brody is also the co-founder of the Advantech in-line fabrication process, designed to create backplanes for the next generation of OLED displays.

Brody passed away in September 2011; the award will be presented to his family.

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  • Draper
  • 2012
  • Engineering development of the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that is utilized in billions of consumer and professional devices.