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EARTH: The Operators' Manual

A quick reminder that the first "EARTH: The Operators' Manual" documentary, hosted by Richard Alley, debuts on many PBS stations this coming Sunday, April 10th, at 10pm. But do please "CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS." Several stations are time-shifting the program to primetime the following week: a listing of cities and PBS broadcast times can be found on our website at: & at


The entire program will also begin streaming on the ETOM website at 10pm Sunday, in parallel with the PBS premiere, and the following day on


Initial reviews of both the companion book and the TV program have been favorable, and we look forward to more comments and blogs (and hoping that includes some of you!) during this Earth Month. (Such as: ) We've been pleased that many have noted the unusual combination of sound climate science with an optimistic view of the potential of renewable, low-carbon energy. 


As of this Sunday, the website will add an Annotated Illustrated Script with extensive links to additional information, interview transcripts and video clips, book excerpts, and more. By Earth Day, a full set of resources for Educators, including free downloads, will be added, and ETOM will be collaborating with CLEAN and ICEE to support online discussions for teachers. ( ) We hope the Tri-Agency Meeting and process unleashes additional opportunities for cooperation and synergy: feel free to be in touch with new ideas.


Also please share the air date and online availability with your various constituencies and stakeholders: we look forward to your Comments via our website (, or on Twitter ( and Facebook (

Because of the staggered air dates on PBS, and the online streaming, we trust that April 10th is just the beginning...