Becoming the Online Resource Center for Ethics Education in Engineering and Science

Request for Faculty Feedback on Teaching Ethics in Science and Engineering

With funding from the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Engineering’s Online Ethics Center website is expanding to become the go-to online source for critical resources and support for ethics and ethics education in science and engineering. The Online Ethics Center, which serves as a resource for educators, practitioners, and students seeking to understand and address ethically significant problems that arise in their work, is enhancing its collection of materials and expanding its original focus on engineering and research ethics to include ethics education materials for life and environmental sciences; computer, math, and physical sciences; and social and behavioral sciences. We are requesting feedback from a primary audience - instructors and faculty who do teach, have in past, or might teach ethics topics as part of their classes or as an entire class. The questionnaire asks faculty and instructors about what they think is most important for supporting the teaching of ethics to students in science and engineering.

Survey for Instructors and Faculty on Teaching Ethics in Science and Engineering

Time: about 10 minutes

Please fill out by October 6, 2014

Thank you for your help!