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  • 3D printing has the potential to produce many needed items in low-resource settings, where lack of infrastructure and weak manufacturing capacity make local production impractical, and high tariffs, unreliable supply chains, and economic instability make importation costly. With lower costs and ...
    AuthorMatthew P. Rogge, Melissa A. Menke, and William Hoyle
    Release dateFall 2017
  • Technology, humanism, and cross-disciplinary cooperation can combine to take us farther than we dreamed we could go. Good afternoon, and congratulations to our new members. I know you will find your experience with the NAE rewarding. Few organizations have so great an effect on the ...
    AuthorGeorge M. C. Fisher
    Release dateFall 2000
  • The events of September 11 challenged the future of our heavily engineered environment and the future of the engineering profession. An attack on our nation . . . thousands dead . . . 20 percent of downtown office space in Manhattan damaged or destroyed . . . more than 40 percent of the ...
    AuthorRobert Prieto
    Release dateSpring 2002
  • Engineers are packaged as problem solvers rather than creators and innovators addressing grand challenges. The best-intentioned diversity-recruitment initiatives by engineering colleges nationwide have had little success in increasing access to the richly textured future afforded by careers ...
    AuthorJacquelyn F. Sullivan
    Release dateSummer 2006
  • The United States is trading the long-term health of U.S. research and education for the appearance of short-term security. William Wulf I assume that all of you have read or heard a discussion of Tom Friedman’s book (2005), The World Is Flat. But just in case, I’ll ...
    AuthorWm. A. Wulf
    Release dateFall 2005
  • It is an exciting time for K–12 science and engineering education in the United States; a new vision for teaching science and engineering promises to transform the experiences of students in all grades across the country. This vision, articulated in a new report from the National Research ...
    AuthorHeidi A. Schweingruber, Helen Quinn, Thomas E. Keller, and Greg Pearson
    Release dateSpring 2013
  • Common to the many definitions of resilience in the literature and in policy statements is the notion that resilience is the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. The performance of the built environment and the support of ...
    AuthorBruce R. Ellingwood, John W. van de Lindt, and Therese P. McAllister
    Release dateSummer 2019
  • Leveraging advances in commercial technologies and maintaining a well-balanced, adequately funded S&T program will be necessary to retaining our technological edge. As the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) moves into the twenty-first century, its science and technology (S&T) program ...
    AuthorDelores M. Etter
    Release dateSummer 2001
  • An engineer's personal experiences form the basis for an innovative educational program that uses concrete, visual problems to teach abstract math concepts to students in inner-city public schools. Many are the paths to a successful educational career, and they vary from country to ...
    AuthorMario Salvadori
    Release dateSummer 1997
  • A significant challenge in the diagnosis and management of athletes and military personnel with concussion is the diverse background, training,  clinical management approach and outcomes used by the multidisciplinary team of clinicians involved. Further challenging the continuity of care ...
    AuthorJay L. Alberts
    Release dateSpring 2016
  • A surface detonation of a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb would be far more deadly than either of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In this article, I discuss two types of nuclear terrorism: (1) the detonation of a nuclear weapon or improvised nuclear device (IND, also called ...
    AuthorRichard L. Garwin
    Release dateSummer 2010
  • This issue of The Bridge is a composite, with articles on a broad spectrum of issues that I expect readers will find of interest. Marie Thursby writes on the importance of engineering education in terms of industrial innovation and describes some subtleties in the supply and ...
    AuthorRonald M. Latanision
    Release dateFall 2014
  • Risk perception and communication are important factors in decisions about managing risk events and their impacts. One of the most perplexing problems in risk analysis is why some relatively minor risks or risk events (as assessed by technical experts) elicit strong public concerns and result ...
    AuthorRoger E. Kasperson
    Release dateFall 2012
  • The United States has no national policies or institutions in place to deal with the major water challenges that lie ahead. U.S. scientists chartered by Congress through the National Academies have affirmed that climate change is occurring, identified its potential impacts, and concluded that ...
    AuthorGerald E. Galloway Jr.
    Release dateWinter 2011
  • This article focuses on cognitive assistive technologies that help people with disabilities in the workplace or older adults doing the “work” of daily life. The types of work and other activities needing assistance are outlined and likely technologies summarized. We briefly discuss the ...
    AuthorWilliam B. Rouse and Dennis McBride
    Release dateSpring 2019
  • The United States needs a strong, effective missile defense system to meet the threats and uncertainties that lie ahead. Introduction In the past three years, very significant progress has been made on the development of defenses against ballistic missiles. A number of systems have been ...
    AuthorHans Mark
    Release dateSummer 2001
  • Systemic changes require cooperation between those who deliver care and administrators committed to the public disclosure of outcomes. Academic medical centers, the crown jewels of the medical system, have a tripartite mission. First, of course, as hospitals, they are intimately involved in ...
    AuthorPaul F. Levy
    Release dateSpring 2008
  • Additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize the production of aerospace and defense components. The advantages of additive manufacturing are now widely recognized, even in the general media, and are predicted to revolutionize manufacturing processes for many industries ...
    AuthorBrett Lyons
    Release dateSpring 2012
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