CASEE General Information

Overview and Structure of CASEE
The Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education (CASEE) was created as a mechanism to foster a climate of continuous improvement in engineering education so as to increase its utility from the perspective of employers, academic institutions, current and former engineering students, and society-at-large.  Read More >>

NAE Context and CASEE's Vision, Mission, and Goals
In 1999, the National Academy of Engineering instituted a four-fold initiative on engineering education since 1999. The final aspect of this initiative was realized in 2002 with the creation of CASEE. CASEE has defined specific, measurable outcomes as a grand challenge for itself and the engineering community, which has defined our research thrusts and hallmarks of excellenceRead More >>

Affiliates and Affiliation
CASEE has organizational ( research community, implementation network, corresponding center, dissemination channels and dissemination channel aspirants) and individual affiliates (senior and postdoctoral fellows, scholars in residence, and other affiliated scholars). CASEE affiliates are participate in learning communities of engineering education researchers, innovators, and practitioners. By working together, they speed the discovery and diffusion of more effective, engaged and efficient approaches to engineering education. Affiliation with CASEE is relatively quick and easy for both organizations and individuals.  Read More >>

Advisory Committee and Sponsors
The CASEE advisory committee is chaired by C. Judson King, Director of the Center for the Study of Higher Education, UC-Berkeley. CASEE also acknowledges financial support and gifts supporting its activities and staff. Read More about CASEE's sponsors and advisory committee.