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  • NAE National Meeting Celebrates Women and Excellence in Engineering

    The NAE National Meeting, held May 4-5 in Irvine, CA, was a testament to how far engineering has come—both in the inclusion of women in engineering fields and in engineering advancements that shape our world.

  • Engineers are Unsung Heroes of Global Health

    Madhukar Pai, a contributing writer to Forbes, interviewed 27 engineers, from various corners of the world “to better understand the work they do, figure out what motivates them to take on global health challenges in resource-limited settings, and uncover some of the barriers they face in doing global health work.”

  • 2022 Draper Prize Recipients Honored for Contributions to the Invention of RISC Chips

    The 2022 Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering celebrated the accomplishments of four engineers for their “contributions to the invention, development, and implementation of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) chips.”

  • Two Decades of EngineerGirl: Building a More Diverse Field

    EngineerGirl offers networking opportunities at events like NAE’s National Meeting. At this year’s meeting in May, EngineerGirl Ambassadors and hundreds of students from local schools attended in order to celebrate the program’s 20th, meet like-minded students, and network with female engineers and researchers.

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  • Professor Wook Hyun Kwon
    Seoul National University
    Elected 2022
    For contributions to model-predictive and robust controls and their commercialization.
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  • Sir James R. McDonald
    University of Strathclyde
    Elected 2022
    For contributions to engineering leadership and interdisciplinary education, expert power systems, and low-carbon technologies and renewable energy.
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  • Mr. Juan Andres
    Moderna Therapeutics
    Elected 2022
    For technical leadership in the scale-up and manufacturing of important pharmaceutical products, including the COVID mRNA-1273 vaccine.
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  • Professor Yushan Yan
    University of Delaware
    Elected 2022
    For creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in separation membranes and electrochemical reaction engineering, catalysis, and materials.
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  • Dr. Michael Dettinger
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography
    Elected 2022
    For hydroclimate research that significantly enhanced the understanding and management of water resources in the western United States.
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NAE Perspectives
NAE Perspectives offer practitioners, scholars, and policy leaders a platform to comment on developments and issues relating to engineering.
  • image for The Growing Role of Clinical Engineering: Merging Technology at the Point of Care
    Fiza Shaukat is a native of Pakistan living in the United States. As a biomedical engineer, she was eager to improve her country’s medical devices and digital health strategies. She approached us in 2018 seeking expertise in clinical engineering, which focuses on the point-of-care intersection between the use of health technology and the expertise needed for optimal support and resource management.
  • image for Ensuring Human Control over AI-Infused Systems
    Human control over technology was a concern thousands of years ago when early humans sought to ensure safe use of fire. Later, control over horse-drawn wagons and eventually steam engines led to debates about how to make the most of their benefits while limiting dangers. Now questions of control are central in the design of AI-infused technologies, for which some advocates envision full machine autonomy while others promote human autonomy.
  • image for Augmenting Our Thinking through the Nexus of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Art
    Today, more urgently than ever, we need to augment our thinking. The world faces enormous challenges of unprecedented complexity—problems that intertwine in a dizzyingly interconnected, interdependent, and changing landscape. Few of them—especially those dealing with energy, environment, and social structures—admit clean solutions with clear endpoints.
  • image for Technoscientific Research: A Missing Term in R&D Discourse
    Over the past decade there have been consistent alarm signals about US leadership in science and technology. Arguments often boil down to the need for additional funding for R&D. In this perspective, I reflect not on the well-justified need for such additional funding, but for more effective funding, especially in technoscientific research, a key engine of innovation.
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