Election to National Academy of Engineering membership is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer. Members have distinguished themselves in business and academic management, in technical positions, as university faculty, and as leaders in government and private engineering organizations. Members are elected to NAE membership by their peers (current NAE members).
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  • This is the 21st Volume in the series Memorial Tributes compiled by the National Academy of Engineering as a personal remembrance of the lives and outstanding achievements of its members and foreign members. These volumes are intended to stand as an enduring record of the many contributions of ...
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Alcocer, M. Sergio National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Allen, Thomas David The University of Texas at Austin
Arakawa, Yasuhiko University of Tokyo
Arruda, M. Ellen University of Michigan
Asakawa, Chieko International Business Machines Corporation
Asphahani, Ibrahim Aziz QuesTek Innovations, LLC
Beven, John Keith Lancaster University
Boger, Vernon David University of Melbourne
Bose, Arindam AbiologicsB, LLC
Bose, K. Bimal The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Bostick, P. Thomas Retired
Boulanger, William Ross University of California, Davis
Budnitz, Jay Robert Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Cabuz, Cleopatra Honeywell Industrial Safety
Ceder, Gerbrand University of California, Berkeley
Charlès, Bernard Dassault Systèmes
Chen, Xiangli
Chong, Dianne Boeing Research and Technology (Retired)
Chow, Hong Joe Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Cong, Jason Jingsheng University of California, Los Angeles
Crocker, H. James Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Dankberg, David Mark ViaSat Inc.
Daskin, Stephen Mark University of Michigan
Diffie, Whitfield Black Ridge Technology
Dindoruk, Birol Shell International E&P Inc.
Dogru, H. Ali Saudi Arabian Oil Company c/o Aramco Services Company
Ducharme, H. Eric General Electric Aviation
Entekhabi, Dara Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ewing, Charles Rodney Stanford University
Foster, F. Stuart University of Toronto
Fujino, Michimasa Honda Aircraft Corporation
Fussenegger, Martin ETH Zurich
Gerngross, Ulf Tillman Adimab, LLC
Giri, Jay GE Grid Solutions
Goldsmith, Andrea Stanford University
Gray, T. George (Rusty) Los Alamos National Laboratory
Guibas, J. Leonidas Stanford University
Gunsel, Selda Royal Dutch Shell PLC
Hadziioannou, Georges Université de Bordeaux
Hahn, W. Horst Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Hammond, T. Paula Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hastings, Edgar Daniel Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hirschberg, Julia Columbia University
Holmes, Thomas William Rutherford & Chekene, Consulting Structural Engineers
Holmgren, R. Jennifer LanzaTech
Howell, Connor Kathleen Purdue University
Huang, Yonggang Northwestern University
Imran, A. Mir InCube Labs, LLC
Katabi, Dina Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kataoka, Kazunori University of Tokyo
Katsoulis, E. Dimitris The Dow Chemical Company
Kikuchi, Noboru Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc.
Kirchheim, Reiner Universität Göettingen
LeCun, Andre Yann Facebook
Lercher, Johannes Technical University-Munich
Leung, Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Lewis, A. Jennifer Harvard University
Ligler, T. George GTL Associates
Lipner, B. Steven SAFECode
Liu, King Tsu-Jae University of California, Berkeley
Lohse, Detlef University of Twente
Mallat, Stephane École Normale Supérieure
McCabe, W. Robert National Science Foundation
Moncarz, D. Piotr Exponent Failure Analysis Associates
Monnier, R. John University of South Carolina
Nalamasu, Omkaram Applied Materials Inc.
Narayan, Jagdish North Carolina State University
Nemirovski, S. Arkadi Georgia Institute of Technology
Niemeier, A. Deb University of California, Davis
O'Connor, T. Cyril University of Cape Town
Panday, Sorab GSI Environmental Inc.
Parlange, Brendan Marc Monash University
Poston, W. Randall Pivot Engineers
Razavi, Behzad University of California, Los Angeles
Schaeffer, Conrad Jon GE Power
Scheeres, J. Daniel University of Colorado Boulder
Schlom, G. Darrell Cornell University
Servedio, M. Dominick STV Group
Shum, Harry Microsoft Corporation
Sifakis, Joseph Université Grenoble-Alpes
Slaughter, Sarah Built Environment Coalition
Slocum, H. Alexander Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Smith, Colin Rolls-Royce, plc.
Smith, Joan Megan
Solomon, Joy Darlene Agilent Technologies
Spalart, Roland Philippe Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Splinter, Robert Michael WISC Partners
Strano, S. Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tayur, Sridhar Carnegie Mellon University
Toner, Mehmet Massachusetts General Hospital
Turinsky, Josef Paul North Carolina State University
Valenzuela, Augusto Reinaldo Nokia Bell Labs
van Welie, Gordon ISO New England
Van Wie, Michael David Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Varghese, George University of California, Los Angeles
Vautrinot, M. Suzanne Kilovolt Consulting, Inc.
Vayenas, G. Constantinos University of Patras
Voight, Barry Pennsylvania State University (Retired)
Westbrook, K. Charles Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Wilson, S. Blake Duke University and Duke University Medical Center
Winzer, J. Peter Nokia Bell Labs
Woodford, A. Dennis The Electranix Corp.
Yannas, V. Ioannis Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yarmush, L. Martin Rutgers University
Yelick, Anne Katherine University of California, Berkeley
Zhang, Don Dongxiao Peking University
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